iHubCloud is an authorised Odoo partner in Zimbabwe 

Mobile Ready

Our suite of business applications are mobile ready out-of-the-box. This mean productivity is guaranteed since our applications can work on all devices.

Security Guaranteed

Security of information is critical in any enterprise. Our business applications are built from the ground up with security at the core of the integration

User Friendly

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Business applications should be designed with user friendly interfaces.

 As an Odoo partner, iHubCloud offers software development and customisation for Odoo deployments. The complete suite of business applications that form the core of Odoo consists of over 30 applications. Over and above these core applications, there are thousands of 3rd party applications are are ready to be used. You will definitely find something that suite your requirements and iHubCloud is there to guide you! Below are just highlights of what to expect from Odoo.

Integrated Tobacco System (I.T.S)

I.T.S is a suite of tobacco business applications that are seamlessly integrated to provide the most efficient business platform for the tobacco industry in Zimbabwe. 

At the core of I.T.S are the following systems:

  • Loan Management - Contract Farming

  • Sales Processing

  • Leaf Accounting

  • Warehouse Management. 

These systems can work in isolation or integrated with other systems. I.T.S was developed on top of a robust ERP platform called Odoo. This implies that I.T.S can also be integrated with all the other Odoo applications. 

Odoo text and image block


Beautiful accounting software that allows you to do more, in less time while getting integrated with all the other aspects of the enterprise.


Point of Sale (POS)

Odoo's Point of Sale software for restaurants and shops is based on a smart interface that any retail company can use without difficulty. The POS can be used online or offline and iPads, Android tablets or laptops. 


Manufacturing Reinvented

Discover how you can integrate MRP, PLM, Quality and Maintenance in a single application to maximize the efficiency of your manufacturing operations.


Smart Warehouse

A warehouse management system for the 21st century that is integrated with the rest of the other business applications.


Website and e-Commerce 

Create a beautiful and professional eCommerce on your website with Odoo. The modern e-commerce website is fully integrated with your other business applications like shipping, inventory, accounting, CRM, etc. 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The real customer centric CRM. Track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts.